Sami Sparrow

An abstract exploration of repetition, movement and colour.

Finding influences in mandalas, kaleidoscopes, bold designs and graffiti.

Wooden panels and heavy papers are best suited for this many-layered painting technique. Acrylic and spray paint used in the initial layer is literally thrown onto the surface to create minimal human corruption.  A pattern is layered over the top using watercolours to give depth by painting the edges solid with a transparent washed centre so the layer underneath can still slightly be seen.

The key is to create organic patterns that are perfectly imperfect in nature while still holding a beautiful flow and movement.  The simplest pleasures can be found in knowing that in life nothing is ever perfectly the same. My circles are never perfectly round and lines are never accurately straight. The world is not perfect and nor should my art be.

My works currently available at diversARTy gallery